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June in the Garden

June is a wonderful month in the garden as borders burst to life and trees fill out. However, it’s also a busy month, with bulbs to be lifted, seeds to pot on and frequent mowing.

The Beauty of Water

Water is endlessly versatile – a tiny bubble fountain can suffuse a small patio with the relaxing sound of moving water while in the larger garden, a natural swimming pool may provide a stunning centrepiece.

Redesigning Your Garden

Think about what you want your garden to do. It should reflect your lifestyle, the people who will be enjoying it and the time you plan to spend in it, whether it is relaxing, playing or tending the plants.

Hand the Brush to Nature

The gardener can provide the frame, set up his easel, and sketch the pattern, but as time marches on he must constantly step aside and hand over his brush to Nature.

Hestercombe Rill by Scott Zona

One Colour Gardens

It is extremely interesting to work out gardens in which some special colouring predominates, and to those who, by natural endowment or careful eye-cultivation, possess or have acquired what artists understand by an eye for colour, it opens out a whole new range of garden delights.

Designing a Rooftop Garden

Rooftop gardens are a perfect way to create a relaxing outdoor space when you really do not have a yard. This is something many inner-city people long for because they have no backyards. While these can become quite intricate, you can design and create a rooftop garden for yourself that is affordable and serene.