Storing Vegetables After Harvest

Many vegetables are difficult to store well. If you live in a sheltered part of the country, some veg, including leeks, parsnips and carrots, can safely be left in the ground until you need them. If you need to harvest your veg, you will find that root vegetables store best.

Potatoes – store potatoes in the dark in cool but not freezing conditions (4 – 100C is ideal). Lay the potatoes in shallow wooden boxes covered with carpet or hessian (burlap) sacks to keep out the light or half-fill hessian sacks.

Winter cabbages – store these on wooden slats just above freezing.

Onions and shallots – plait onions and shallots into ropes and hang them in an airy place just above freezing.

Beetroot, carrot and parsnips – Store these in boxes of slightly moist sand. Place the largest roots at the bottom and the smallest at the top, to be used first. Keep the boxes in a frost-free cellar. Select the sand carefully. Builder’s sand is not suitable but the sand sold for use in children’s sandpits works well.


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