Sambucus, Elder, is a genus of deciduous shrubs and small trees distributed across the worlds’ temperature areas. Sambucus have pinnate leaves with clusters of flowers with a white or cream-white colours.

One species, S.callicarpa grows 6 feet tall, it has 3-inch-wide flowers and scarlet fruits. Another species

S.candaensis is a shrub which groups larger and can reach 12 feet in height. It has white flowerheads between four and eight inches wide, its fruit is purple-black.

Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace has finely cut, almost black foliage and sprays of pink-flushed flowers.

Sambucus should have a moist loamy soil and be planted either in the sun of an area with limited shade. The golden elders can be pruned in spring to ensure brightly colored flesh growth.

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