This is a genus of 15 species of evergreen trees and shrubs, originally from Asia.

When cultivated indoors, R.pubescens can grow to four feet or more but will grow higher when grown outside. They produce white, fragrant flowers borne in terminal corymbs.

R.thyrsoidea grows between 15 and 25 feet. It flowers are creamy coloured and produced in clusters at the end of their shoots. R.wallichii grows much taller at between 40 and 50 feet, like thyrosidea it has clusters of white flowers at the end of its shoots.

Cultivate them with a deep rich soil with plenty of organic matter. They perform best in a greenhouse than being potted outdoors.

They should be mulched with compost annually just before they begin start to grow again.

During the summer, provide shading and kept in a location with high humidity.

They are propagated by half-ripe cuttings taken during the summer and grown in coarse sand.

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