Pilea is a genus of around 400 species of perennial herbaceous plants originating from the tropics. They should be grown in the greenhouse and can an effective foil for other plants.

P. microphylla grows between 3 and 15 inches, from tropical America it is named for its attribute of releasing a cloud of pollen when it is shaken.

P. nummularifolia is from South America, it grows 3 to 12 inches and has dark bronze-green leaves.

P. peperomioides, the Chinese money plant, is a popular house plant, shown below.

They should be planted in a compost which is an equal mix of loam, leafmould and course sand. Place them in a shaded position indoors. During autumn and winter, the temperature should stay between 13-18oC. In spring and summer the temperature should range is 21-27oC.

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