Mitrophyllum is a genus of greenhouse succulent plants belonging to family Aizoaceae. They are very small shrubs with two types of leaves. One pair is united over most of their length, these are the leaves present during the plant’s dormant season. During the growing season another pair of leaves develops within the united leaves and either push their way out of them or absorb the substance from them until a thin skin only remains, the leaves then bursting out of their skin. The stems are often covered with these dried skin

Species Cultivated:

M.mitratum is about 3 inches long and has 1/2 inch tips with secondary leaves 4 inches long.


The plant should be placed in a part of the greenhouse with access to sunlight. Water should be given with care until the leaves begin to form between the newly-grown leaves, after this no water should be given until the next growing season.

Below, M. grande.

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