Maintaining your greenhouse

A Greenhouse can make a great addition to your garden. They allow you to enrich your plant selection with specimens which are not hardy enough to survive outdoors all year round. In the UK, greenhouses are popular for this reason.

Unfortunately, the more plants in your greenhouse, the more waste and mess they will produce. Dirt, fallen leaves and other refuse will all collect over time.

It is important to keep up maintenance and periodically clean out any greenhouse for the health of the plants within.

When to clean

It is a good idea to begin cleaning before growing season. This gives you a chance to clear out the mess for the most busy period of the year.

Before you start

The first step is to remove your plants from the greenhouse. They can be either placed indoors or if the weather is mild, placed outdoors with protective coverings.


You can start to clean the greenhouse by hosing the roof of the interior if you think it is dirty enough

Continue by sweeping out the refuse from the floor. Most of this will be dirt tracked in from outside or fallen leaves and other organic waste from the plants.

Next the shelves should be cleaned, like the floors they are prone to collecting plenty of waste.

The Glass of the greenhouse should also be washed and dried with warm soapy water.

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