How to clean your Garden Pond

A pond can be a beautiful and rich addition in the right garden. They can become the home of plants, fish, snail and toads.

Ponds do also require maintenance which includes a periodic cleaning once every five to ten years. This may appear daunting for a beginner but is actually a relatively simple process.

At it’s most basic, a pond is formed of a simple hole in the ground, a plastic lining over the top and filled with water.
To clean the pond, the water must be removed, the lining cleaned before finally being refilled with water.

Plan your Work.

While the first obvious step would be to drain the water, it is prudent to first plan your approach cleaning your particular pond. Your pond may contain pond life which you want to protect and it is important to remember that the mud you will be cleaning from the bottom of the pool can be preserved

Removing the Water

One you have everything ready and planned, you can begin to remove the water from the pond. This can be done via a hose to siphon off the water or a bucket to bail the water out. You may find yourself using a combination of the two.

As you are draining the water, you will expose more of the pond life, in the form of plants, fish and snails. Place any fish in bowls of water then store these in the shade, keep plants in separate buckets or bowls and place these in the shade.

When you are removing the water, ensure that you send the water towards a border and not down or a drain where it reach the wild. This will prevent any invasive species from reaching the wild.

The Process of Cleaning

With the water now gone, you can begin the to clean the pond. You can expect a layer of mud on the bottom of the pond, most of this can be removed with a shovel. Take care however to not damage the pond lining when removing the mud.

When most of the mud is removed, you can scrub what is left off of the lining with a brush, again be careful not to damage the vulnerable pond liner. If you use water to assist the brush cleaning, use clean water without added detergent. Some of this water will inevitably remain in the pond regardless of attempts and the detergent may interfere with the pond life.

Remember that the mud you have removed from the bottom of the pond can be used in your garden to enrich your garden soil.

The process of cleaning your pond can be time consuming but it is requirement for a healthy pond.