Ena Harkness


The Ena Harkness or Harkness Rose is a bright and fragrant English Rose which will make a great cosmetic addition to a garden. These plants are climbers and are usually seen growing along walls and other garden structures.

Taking Care of the Soil.

Before you plant the Harkness Rose, ensure the soil includes plenty of organic compost. The rose should be planted between the Autumn and the Spring.

Taking Care of the Roses

The roses should be pruned and fertilized in March and reguarly watered throughout early April. Prune further in October. New root bushes should be placed in November.

Ena Harkness is vulnerable to an array of ailments including black-spot and aphids. Make sure you look for ways to protect your roses from these problems.

Where to Place them

Planting Ena Harkness should be seen as a longer-term commitment as it will grow better if given several years of care. These plants are climbers and are best grown next to walls or other garden structures, take note that they can grow to 18 feet if cared for correctly.

Make sure that the Ena Harkness is planted with either full access to the sun or under a partial shade.

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