East Lambrook Manor

Created by the garden writer, Margery Fish, East Lambrook Manor is a wonderful example of a traditional cottage garden. In recent decades the gardens have undergone a major restoration programme that has remained true to Margery Fish’s original vision, whilst updating the plantings. The garden is best known for its herbaceous borders and its large collections of snowdrops, geraniums, hellebores and euphorbias.

The gardens are located in Somerset and open daily throughout the year.

The garden that went with the house was divided at the back into two tiny gardens, with walls and small plots of grass. We supposed that these went back to the time when the house had been two cottages.

In addition to the walls dividing the two little gardens at the back another wall divided us from the barton, and beneath these walls someone had amused himself by making banks and sticking in stones vertically, like almonds in a trifle. We imagined the idea was a nice, ready-made rock garden for us to play with. The first thing we did, when we really set our minds to the garden, was to remove all the walls and stones and pile them up for future use. They were quite a problem, those piles of stones, as they were moved from place to place as we dealt with the ground where they were piled. I could not see how we should ever use them all.

We Made a Garden, Margery Fish, 1956

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