December Garden Jobs

december-tubersIf soil condition allows, try to finish digging by the end of the year so that it will be ready for spring planting. Do not dig soil that is very wet or frozen, as this can damage the soil condition.

Clean-up established borders, as weather allows, if you have not already done so. Remove dead plant growth and perennial weeds, forking the ground over to a depth of 5 – 8 cm – this will bury small weeds without harming the roots of established plants.

New seed catalogues are available now, so it is a good time to begin planning next year’s borders and kitchen garden and place your seed order.

Check your tools are clean, maintained and stored carefully so they are in good condition for next season.

Lift and dry tubers if this was not done in October or November. After two or tree weeks check the tubers for signs of rotting. Remove damaged parts. Store tubers in boxes of dry peat or sawdust with their crowns exposed, ad store in a cool but frost-free place for the winter.

Ensure tender shrubs are protected before the really cold weather sets in. If cold winds are a problem, erect a windbreak to provide protection, for example, a wattle screen. Other shrubs can be grown against a warm wall, or protected with bracken, straw or hessian, secured with string or wire. Plan protection so that it is easy to remove if there is a prolonged mild spell.

Check tree ties to ensure they are secure but not so tight that they are damaging the bark of saplings.

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