Category: Garden Writing

Blue Border

In order to use both blue and purple in the flower border, this cool, western, grey-foliaged end has the blues, and the further, eastern end the purples.

Orchard Meadow

The grasses undulate in the breeze, with the motion of a slight swell at sea. As we walk round the orchard, now facing, now backing the sun, they change colour; they are pale silver fawn with the sun full on them, and darker and redder against the sun’s light.

Working as a Garden Writer

If you love gardening, it is natural to want to share this with others. Some gardeners do so by sharing flowers, plants and produces, others through photography, and some take up a pen to share their passion through the written word.

Garden Door by Amaury Henderick

The Secret Garden

It was the sweetest, most mysterious-looking place any one could imagine. The high walls which shut it in were covered with the leafless stems of climbing roses which were so thick that they were matted together.


After such a day my fingers are bleeding, knees tottering, back bent, dress muddy and soaking, and shoes an offence to my tidy maid; but I have attained the most profound inward peace, and the blessed belief of having uprooted all my enemies.

Hestercombe Rill by Scott Zona

One Colour Gardens

It is extremely interesting to work out gardens in which some special colouring predominates, and to those who, by natural endowment or careful eye-cultivation, possess or have acquired what artists understand by an eye for colour, it opens out a whole new range of garden delights.