Category: Garden Design

Make the Most of Your Space

A garden without a view can seem too confining and insular so consider how your garden might connect to the surrounding landscape. If your garden is enclosed by high walls or fences, think about creating openings in them to give views onto the world outside.

Redesigning Your Garden

Think about what you want your garden to do. It should reflect your lifestyle, the people who will be enjoying it and the time you plan to spend in it, whether it is relaxing, playing or tending the plants.

The Aromatherapy Herb Garden

Aromatic flowers and herb sprigs were also bound into small posies called ‘tussie mussies’ to ward off sickness or infection and to act as amulets whilst travelling.

Garden Design Diploma

This is a comprehensive online course that will give you skills and knowledge you need to work professionally as a Garden Designer.

Breaking the suburban garden mould

Designing a garden and gardening itself can be as creative as painting or writing poetry, and a finished garden can be no less a work of art than a sculpted figure or a symphony, yet there are few famous gardeners or horticultural genres to inspire us or set an example for us when we garden in our modern homes.