A north American genus which has both annual and perennial species. The flowers are saucer shaped and come in red to purple hues.

Callirhoe should be placed in an open location with plenty of access to the sun.

The annual C.pedata is 2 feet tall with red flowers, it should bloom through summer. The perennial C.involucrata, below, is 9 inches tall and 2 inches across with purple to crimson flowers (common name, purple poppy mallow).


Seed of the annual species should be sown in a Greenhouse in March; in May the plants should be set outdoor.

C.involucrata will do well in a dry sunny spot and requires plenty of space to spread.

Propogation is by seed sown outdoors in a nursery bed in April, the young plants transplanted to their permanent position or by cuttings of young growths taken in spring and put in a sandy compost in a cold frame.

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