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The Specimen Tree

You can have a pleasant resting spot beneath a shady tree even if space in your garden is limited. Many attractive trees are suitable for the smaller garden, achieving just a few feet in height even when fully grown.

Shrubs for Ground Cover

In spots where nothing seems to grow except weeds, hoeing and weeding may not be enough to keep the quick, unwanted growth at bay. You can achieve an attractive, low-maintenance display with shrubs that have a naturally low habit of growth.

The Beauty of an Herbaceous Border

A Profusion of Blooms A well-planned, colourful herbaceous border can be a focal point in the garden. With a sequence of perennials coming into flower, the border can be an ever-changing spectrum of beautiful...

Planting a Dry Stone Wall

If you lack the space for a formal rock garden, but long for a display of alpine plants and flowers, a dry stone wall is the ideal solution. The combination of natural stone and colourful mountain flowers brings out the best of both.

Heather Gardens

You can recreate the beauty of natural heather landscapes on a smaller scale in your garden. Heathers have the advantage of needing a minimum of care. With careful planning you can achieve a beautiful mixture of subtle shades.

April Gardening Tasks

Once the soil has started to warm up, apply a mulch to borders to prevent weeds growing and conserve moisture. Don’t do this too quickly, however, as if the soil is still cold the mulch will stop it warming up and, as a result, inhibit plant growth. Apply the mulch after rain so that the soil is also moist.

Colourful Spring Borders

With a little careful planning and some imagination you can create an uplifting spring border that begins to flower before the end of winter and provides a constant display of cheerful colour until early summer.

Espalier Trees

An espalier is any plant that is trained to grow against a wall or along a framework, so that instead of developing a naturally rounded form, it grows into a flattened, two-dimensional shape. Creating an espalier takes time and a certain amount of skill.

Pergola – A Place to Dream

A pergola should not normally stand by itself in the garden, but should form a link between different man-made features, or to connect man-made structures and planting.

Creating a Planting Plan

Planting plans are used to show the detail of planting within a design. Unless the garden is very small, the garden designer will usually produce a separate planting plan for each border and key area of the design.

Perennials in the Garden

Perennials are plants that live for several years. Most live for many years, although some, short-lived perennials, may live for as few as three years.

Grow Your Own Leafy Salads

Bags of mixed baby-leaf salads are a familiar sight in the supermarkets. But it’s easy to grow your own too, giving you a regular supply of fresh, succulent salad leaves. All you need is...

Vegetables in Containers

Even if you haven’t got room for a vegetable plot in the garden, there’s no reason to give up the idea of growing them. You can plant up containers with anything from salad leaves to potatoes. Because they are grown in compost and kept well-watered, the crps grow quickly to produce clean, tender crops. You can turn your patio or balcony into a potager!

Gardening Tasks for March

Herbaceous Perennials Planting: Keep off the soil if it is sufficiently wet to stick to your boots. Compacting wet soils can damage their structure, especially heavy soils such as clay. On lighter soils, a...

Hand the Brush to Nature

The gardener can provide the frame, set up his easel, and sketch the pattern, but as time marches on he must constantly step aside and hand over his brush to Nature.

Wildlife in Gardens

With over 16 million gardens throughout our increasingly crowded country, our gardens are a vital habitat for beleaguered wildlife. A mature garden may be home to up to 60 bird species, 300 plant species and thousands of insects.